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Are you comfortable dealing with my loved one's emotional or mental state?

All our staff are trained in dementia & mental health care which means they are comfortable dealing with patients who demonstrate emotions such as anger, silence, sadness, moodiness or memory problems. Our staff can also work alongside any other health professionals that are involved in your loved one’s care. We are confident that every single member of staff has been trained to an appropriate level and have the necessary interpersonal skills that are required for the job.

What happens during an initial visit? Will your staff be able to meet all my loved one's needs?

We will send a senior staff member to visit the client for the first time, in order to get to know them initially and also allow any relatives to be present if they wish. At this point, we carry out a pre-assessment - this covers everything from personal/social history to care needs that maybe required going forward. It is this assessment that will give us a picture of what care is required and how many visits or live-in care is required. Our staff can cover any amount of hours required, this is something we will discuss with relatives as care levels differ from client to client.

How many care staff will come and visit my loved one?

Having successfully completed a pre-assessment, we will then agree a personalised level of care for your loved one. Broadly speaking, these are split into two levels - the first is classed as a smaller care package, with two members of staff specifically allocated to your loved one in order to build rapport and ensure person-centred care is always delivered. The second level is a larger care package, with four members of staff specifically allocated to your loved one. Primarily used for those with complex care needs or if your loved one is a live-in, four members of staff are provided to ensure high quality care is delivered at all times and to help avoid any uncertainty when staff are on annual leave or sick.

Can staff drive a car and are you comfortable driving my parent?

When the pre-assessment is carried out, this is an area that will be looked at with relatives to ensure the appropriately qualified staff members are allocated to your loved one. Home Care Angels do charge for this service - 45p per mile when taking your loved one out. All our staff members use their own cars that are fully insured and have a valid MOT.

Is it possible to have a trial period to see how we all feel - you, me and my loved one?

Absolutely, we understand that a short trial period can be helpful in 'testing the water' to ensure everyone involved is satisfied with the level of care being provided. We can agree a trial period for however long you or your loved one wishes, and this can be used as a starting point if and when a care plan is put together for your loved one.

Can I or my loved one contact you at any time?

Yes, we always provide relatives with the direct office telephone number that can be used during normal working hours. Any calls made to this number after 5pm will be put through to the on-call Senior. Home Care Angels are keen to ensure you and your loved one feel supported at all times during the delivery of our care services.

If I’m not happy with a carer can I request that the carer is changed?

Yes, we understand that there is no guarantee your loved one will get on or feel comfortable with every single member of our staff. As a result, you can always make a request that a carer is changed. We always try our utmost to ensure that care staff are compatible with your loved one before their care package commences.

If my loved ones care needs to change from support at home to full-time care, can you still cover this area, so that my loved one does not have to go into a home and start again with new staff?

Home Care Angels always work hard to ensure their staff can continue any existing relationships with your loved one if their level of care needs to change. In most cases, we have the availability of staff so that when the time comes, we can maintain continuity and provide nursing staff to your loved one.

Can you care for my loved one through to palliative care?

Yes, all our staff are trained to the appropriate level in palliative care so that if the time comes when your loved one requires this level of care, our staff will be able to help.

What is domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care, sometimes known as homecare, is where a carer visits your loved one in their own home to help them with everyday activities that they are unable to manage safely on their own. For example, this can include getting dressed, washing or using the toilet. Domiciliary providers in England are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure they maintain good standards of care, and Home Care Angels are proud to specialise in this type of care and provide a high quality service to our patients at all times.

How much domiciliary care does my loved one need?

The time that a carer will spend with your loved one is determined by the amount of help they might need doing everyday tasks like washing or going to the shops. Our knowledgeable team will assess your loved one's requirements and make recommendations based upon their findings. It may be the case that your loved one might only need help for a temporary period (which is often called respite care) because they have recently come out of hospital or their usual carer is ill or away on holiday.

How can I calculate the number of hours of care my loved one might need?

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